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The Digital wellness awareness program was really wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with me, I implemented the points shared during the session and could see the wonders with my son.
Screen time had drastically reduced to just 1 hour. I can’t believe it.
Me and my son are really happy and applying those tricks in other things as well. My son used to watch tab for 7-8 hours a day and now using RULE technique it’s just 1 hour.

Highly recommend this workshop to all parents. 

Thank you Dr. Kruti and Dr. Ananya 

Foram Sinha

Thank you Dr.Kruti for well expressed  and point based workshop on Digital wellness.
You highlighted so many hidden things which are eye-opener for parents who want their kids to explore virtual world but don't want kids to get addicted to it..

Aditi Kothari

Thank you Dr.Kruti and Dr.Ananya. Never knew that we as parents also have to be aware about so many things when we give screens to our kids. A very informative workshop.

Hiral Pandya

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